Our Offshore Support Vessel ‘LEV TAIFUN’ is a former state-owned bouy laying vessel. It was built in 1964 on the Hitzler shipyard in Lauenburg, Northern Germany.

The reliable vessel was used for 48 years for buoy laying and maintenance duties in the river Elbe and at the German Northwest-Coast.

The LEV TAIFUN was purchased by INNOVEN from the German State in May 2012 and transferred to Bremerhaven. Here the ship has undergone a complete Re-Fit and certification until mid 2013.

Navigational and Safety Equipment were completely brought up to date and the vessel is now in service for INNOVEN Marine Services since August 2013.

With its Voith-Schneider-Propulsion, its wooden work deck and the 9 to decks crane the LEV TAIFUN is the optimum vessel for the following jobs:


  • all kind of buoy works in offshore wind farms like
    • cardinal buoys and marker buoys
    • wave rider measurement buoys
    • mooring buoys
    • seismic measurement equipment

The scope of work can cover deployment, recovery and maintenance of these buoy systems

  • Sea marker works in the wadden sea (very low draught required)
  • Diving support vessel together with one of the LEV TENDER boats
  • Cargo operations
  • Salvage operations
  • Day voyages for up to 12 passengers, e.g. to the lighthouse ‘Roter Sand’

The LEV TAIFUN can be equipped with the LEV TENDER 1 & 2 on request.

In brief

  • Offshore Pax/Technicians: up to 6 persons, depending on the job and required crew size
  • Accommodation: 1- and 2-berth cabins
  • Max sea voyage: 14 days
  • Supply of high quality organic food
  • Internet, email on board
  • On-board crane 9 t SWL
  • Working deck: 100 m²
  • Transit speed: 9-11 Kn.
  • Transit consumption: 1.7-2.8 mt/day

We are available 24/7 for your questions and requests. Please contact us under marineservice@innoven.de or use the contact form on this website.

Traditional Lighthouse ‘Roter Sand’

During the summer the LEV TAIFUN is used as a passenger vessel to transport guests to the traditional lighthouse Roter Sand (red sand). This historical building is known as the first offshore building in the world.
Travel dates for the summer season can be found here as soon as available.

For booking details please contact us under rotersand@innoven.de or use the contact form on this website.