Visions and Values

A company built with strong focus on the protection of the environment and a constant development based on a long-term respect for ecology is the fundamental idea and motivation behind INNOVEN Marine Service.

Our visions

We want to be a technical partner in the process of changing the energy supply from fossil to renewable resources, especially in the offshore sector.

Numerous operations are required to successfully run an offshore wind farm. Our vision is to supply all necessary equipment for a whole range of jobs to be carried out in the daily work of operating an offshore windfarm.

  • We strive to be the problem-solver for every possible situation in the offshore wind industry and are continuously building up our fleet with a variety of purpose-built vessels. Our vessels are designed and optimized to focus on various offshore jobs. To support the operation of existing and future wind farms we focus on extending our fleet and service abilities. Consequently, we have now purchased a DP 1 vessel, our LEV TWISTER. With the possibilities a DP 1 vessel opens up, we want to meet specialized requirements for maintenance and supply of offshore wind farms.
  • Upgrade of our existing DP 1 vessel to DP 2 or purchase of a DP 2 vessel will be our next step to implement our company’s vision. This step will enable us to fulfill the growing demands of our business and allow us to expand our service for e.g. diving, walk-to-work vessel etc.
  • The next future step is to design and built our own vessel, the ‘LEV HURRICANE’. This vessel, specially designed for maintenance in offshore wind farms or other offshore support, will complete our offshoreservice portfolio. This DP 3 jack-up vessel will greatly expand our field of operations. The LEV HURRICANE will be used as allround-platform for all kind of jobs needed to operate an offshore wind farm.
  • Our ambition is to perform a wide range of operations in offshore wind farms and be your favourite partner!

A company focused on constant development and based on a long-term respect for the environment is the fundamental idea driving INNOVEN Marine Service.

Our values

Our values are aiming on the reduction of emissions, sustainable energy, environmental long-term thinking and moving away from a throwaway society.

To put our visions into daily practice, we implement specific values in our work routines and on-board lifestyle. The list below provides you with an impression of our holistic approach:

Operating materials

The environmental compatibility of all operating materials relevant to the environment such as paints, cleaning agents and ropes etc. are checked and the materials are selected accordingly.

Work clothes

Whenever possible, we select our work clothes based on sustainability aspects. For example: organic cotton T-shirts with GOTS and Fair Trade logos.

Supplies and provisions

Our company philosophy also includes ensuring that all foods on board are produced organically, and we also use Fairtrade products wherever possible. Our on-board chef always prepares the meals fresh, and we are happy to serve vegan and vegetarian foods to our guests, if desired.

Waste and wastewater

100% waste is sorted on board and disposed of on shore. All the waste fluids produced on board are collected in special tanks and disposed of in the harbor. This is significantly more than international rules require.

Energy efficiency

In addition to conserving resources and using long-lasting materials, energy/fuel efficiency in the area of shipping on the vessels during operation is especially taken care of.

Reduction of the overall emissions

Our ambition is to reduce the overall emissions of our vessels significantly. These emissions include exhaust gases, waste and waste fluids. This is one of the cornerstones of the LEV Philosophy.

Alternative drive technologies

Development is focused on alternative drive technologies, such as wind drives, new kinds of propeller geometries, and optimized hydrodynamics (underwater shape).

In striving for new, innovative and environmental friendly concepts, we are continuously developing fresh ideas.