The LEV Philosophy

„LEV“ forms part of the name of every INNOVEN Marine Service vessel. The acronym stands for „lowest emission vessel“..

What is all about LEV?
LEV (lowest emission vessel) underlines the INNOVEN Marine Service philosophy which gives a high value on sustainability. To merge our conviction with a gentler environmental footprint, we started a project that encompasses the whole shipping process.

Our LEV - Philosophy implements technical equipment, the applied resources, the management and last but not least the attitude of our seamen.

We focus on re-fits rather than re-builds and try to use long-lasting materials in every application if possible. Instead of using heavy fuel oil, our vessels use high quality marine diesel oil. Garbage, waste and bilge water produced on board are recycled and/or disposed of on shore. For ballasting we only use fresh water. Our shop employees and seamen are equipped with ecological and Fairtrade cotton clothes wherever possible. For cleaning engine areas, we use reusable rags from MEWA.

Oily residues are cleaned up and then discharged ashore for proper disposal. These are just a couple of ways we live the LEV philosophy in our day-to-day work.

But we never stop innovating new technologies, and we stay one step ahead to ensure we’re ready for a redesigned future.